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We expressly declare that all materials listed below (seating plan & price list, event poster, banners for promotion in the theatre) must be formally approved by the TS before they are published to the public and before the start of ticket sales.

If you do not have an active pre-sale account on and VIVA Wallet, before proceeding to the next steps, please arrange the procedure you will find attached here.

If you already have an activated account or have already made arrangements for tickets through “Theatrical Scenes”, please proceed below.

To open the event pre-sale page, you will need to prepare 3 different visuals:
– General Image 816x465px, 2MB Max
– Main Image 1220x370px, 2MB Max
– Facebook Small Image 500x500px, 2MB Max

For any questions about opening an account on VIVA please direct your requests to [email protected]

Seating Plan Pallas Theatre

To download the seating plan of Pallas Theatre, click on the adjacent button, depending on the type of event (Theatre / Concert)

In the downloaded file, select enable macros and configure the seating plan and prices as desired.

Configuration is easily done by changing the value of the zones in the price table and changing the color of the seats on the plan.

1. use the selected position colors for the excel dynamic functions to work.
2. It is recommended to maintain the existing distribution of zones (colors), which is formulated based on years of experience of viewing THS, depending on the type of event.
3. Based on the pricing policy of the venue, please formulate the price list as you see fit, but always with a maximum collection of 45.000€ for domestic Productions, or 75.000€ for Foreign Productions.

Materials you will probably need for your creative work

Event Promotion Materials

Depending on what is agreed in your contract with the TS, please find below all the details of the materials.



Net dimension: w140cm x h290cm
+ 10cm up & 10cm down (no information – background only), to be folded into the hanging sleeve.

Sleeve tubes Ø 3cm

To see drawing & example of creative click HERE


  • The banner is posted by us for up to 14 days before the date of the event.
  • We can take care of the printing of the banner through our permanent partner (printing cost: 150€ + VAT).

In case you wish the banner to be printed & posted by us, please send us the creative along with your billing details at least 7 days before the posting.


Video dimensions: 1920x1080px

Max. duration: 30 sec.

Frame rate: 25 f/s

No sound

Alternatively, if you do not wish to view a video file, you can send us an image file (.jpg), 1920x1080px, which will be included in the recurring screen stream, for 15″ per playback cycle.


To promote your performance through our social media accounts, we will need no later than 1 month before the event date:

  1. Press release of the event
  2. Poster of the event in 1080x1080px
  3. Event poster in 1080x1920px
  4. Video Trailer of the event (max 59 sec)
  5. Any additional photos/visuals you wish